Coaching and the Scientific Literature



Course Description:

Learn how to critically read, evaluate, and interpret the scientific literature with SSCA Science Committee Member CJ Gotcher. Peer-reviewed literature, and the press surrounding new research can be a key source of new ideas, inspiration, and correction to our field, but they can’t be taken at face value. CJ will walk you through best practices for reading and interpreting both the literature and news and blog articles and cover common errors in study design, methods, and statistics. By the end of the course you should feel confident in sifting through the chaff for valuable insights and helping your lifters navigate the wilds of sensationalist click-bait reporting on ‘hot’ research in exercise science and nutrition. The course is open to anyone who wants to improve their critical eye. No prerequisites needed.


Class Details:

  • 3-week class, weekly live webinar meetings, Mondays at 7PM CDT, with a closeout webinar at 7PM CDT the final Saturday of the course (class recordings will be available to review after each session if you miss the live meeting)
  • Daily short readings, screencasts, example lit reviews, and a final critical assignment
  • Private discussion group on the Coaching Academy Slack workspace
  • Cost: $149
  • Start Date: August 26th

Course Syllabus:

  • Week 1: Finding, Selecting, and Reading the Literature
  • Week 2: Common Errors in Study Design and Methods
  • Week 3: Common Statistical Errors and Translating for the Lay Audience

Instructor: CJ Gotcher

CJ Gotcher is a Barbell Logic Online Coaching Staff Coach and Coaching Academy Staff Coach. Coach Gotcher started coaching in 2006, helping military servicemembers get stronger and pass their physical tests, and has specialized in barbell strength coaching since 2015. He has also coached CrossFit at CF760 for 3 years and currently competes in raw powerlifting. He is a member of the SSCA Science Committee and has been a part of the annual research review team since 2016. CJ has also written articles for Breaking Muscle, Starting Strength, and Barbell Logic, with a focus on evidence-backed practice, myth-busting, and breaking down the literature for the lay audience.


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