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Whether you are brand new to strength training or have spent half of your life under a bar, this quick questionnaire will help match you with the coach best suited for your goals and training experience. A life of strength is one click away. Get matched with your coach in a matter of seconds.

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Health for the long haul comes from a collection of habits that help you prevent disease, recover from injury and illness, and live well.

  • Start thinking of strength as the foundation for long-term health
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Through barbell training, I’ve gotten stronger physically and mentally.

I’m not exaggerating when I say my life has changed since starting to work with Barbell Logic Online Coaching.
Thanks to the nutrition coaching, I’ve gained 40 lbs of muscle while simultaneously losing an inch off of my waist. I look like an almost completely different person. And in the process, I’ve developed a new hobby and have met some great, down-to-earth people who are all dedicated to getting strong through the simplicity of barbells.

Brett McKay, Art of Manliness


Your goals, your schedule.
Get 1-on-1 strength & nutrition coaching wherever you live, work, and train.

Online Coaching with Barbell Logic combines the most time-tested methods of barbell training with modern technology, bringing expert guidance and accountability to you, and helping you build strength and health for what matters most.

Whether you’ve struggled to stick with a plan or your technique is holding you back, the path to success is through accountability, feedback, and programming that only comes with a professional coach.

The best part? You can start today for FREE!


Get paired with the coach that’s perfect for you and experience strength today.

Not quite ready to train with barbells? Before Barbells might be for you.

Professional Online Strength Coaching

$0 now, then $225/month

Save 10% when you pay annually. Add Nutrition Coaching for $150/month

Professional Coaching is our flagship service, including 1:1 strength coaching with a dedicated professional coach, rapid feedback, a custom-built program, and accountability from our private lifting community. We mean it when we say that everyone can train for strength.

Exclusive Online Strength Coaching

$0 now, then $285/month

Save 10% when you pay annually. Add Nutrition Coaching for $150/month

Exclusive Coaching is perfect for those seeking a specialty strength coaching experience for specific training needs, including training around injuries and rehabilitation, deployed military, pre- and postnatal, and more.

Executive Coaching Package

$0 now, then $899/month

Save 10% when you pay annually. Nutrition Coaching is automatically included with this package.

Executive Coaching Package combines the highest level of online strength and nutrition coaching with in-person coaching with Matt Reynolds, and other perks.

Fuel Your Training with Nutrition Coaching

Add Nutrition Coaching to your coaching plan for only $150/month

Nutrition Coaching includes a personalized dietary plan, guidance from an expert nutrition coach, and monthly video calls with your coach to help you stay on track.

Your Barbell Logic Nutrition Coaching starts with a detailed questionnaire and three days of a visual food diary. You are then matched with an expert coach who will review your information and schedule a private video call to get to know you better.

Within 48 hours of your call, your coach will deliver a Nutrition Strategy based on your nutrition history, current eating habits, and goals. You will track progress each week in an app, allowing your coach to follow along and monitor your progress. You’ll receive feedback from your coach in response to your updates at least twice a week to ensure you’re making progress.

Each month you and your coach will schedule a video call to discuss your progress, obstacles, and any adjustments that need to be made to the strategy. You can also purchase and schedule additional calls, as needed.

If you are an existing client interested in adding nutrition coaching for only $150/month, please email

We are unable to provide Nutrition Coaching if you have or have had any of the follow medical conditions: Type I Diabetes, Type II Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cancer, HIV/AIDs, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, History of GI surgery (i.e. gastric bypass), Rheumatoid Arthritis, GERD, or an eating disorder. By purchasing Nutrition Coaching and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, you acknowledge that you have not been diagnosed with any of the above conditions. You also acknowledge that Barbell Logic does not employ or contract the services of licensed or registered dietitians or nutritionists and does not hold out its nutrition coaching to be the same as those performed by dietitians, nutritionists, or other licensed health care professionals.


Not sure if strength training is right for you?
Our clients range from people in their 80s to young, highly trained athletes.

We really believe it when we say strength is for everyone.

I was diagnosed with MS right after college. I had lost strength and feeling in my legs from the waist down. The numbness comes and goes now, but I’m squatting 90 pounds more than I was when I first started working with Barbell Logic and my coach. Thanks for keeping me accountable and pushing me.”


After a diagnosis of osteoporosis, I finally contacted Barbell Logic and was encouraged to hear that strength training would be something I could actually accomplish and begin to strengthen my bones. Not only was weight lifting completely out of my comfort zone, I never thought I would commit to it the way I have and actually submit videos of myself doing so. It has quickly become an important and essential part of my life. I’m feeling stronger every week with the support of my family and my coach.”




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